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Live Streaming & Online Media It's what we do.

ChurchWebFuel TV specializes in providing fast, reliable live video streaming of worship services or any other event your church, ministry, or organization wants to broadcast to the world. With our powerful, user-friendly system, setting up and submitting your live video stream is simple.

We can provide you with a live stream, audio podcast, or video podcast that you can embed anywhere, as well as host your media in our beautifully designed online environment with lots of module options that make for a great user experience.

We want to be more than just your streaming media provider. As a company that understands ministry and the internet, we want to partner with your organization to accomplish your specific online ministry goals.

Why Church Web Fuel? Who you trust with your online media content matters.

Professional Support

We have no automated answering services. When you call, we're here to serve you.

Multiple Platforms

Our streams and online campuses are compatible with desktops, tablets, & smartphones. No apps needed.


We never slow your bandwidth down. Our pricing structures fit your growing needs.

Simple Connectivity

No more multiple logins. We give you access to everything in one convenient back-end manager.

Monthly Streaming Plans We have expandable packages to fit your needs.

Regular Stream


Plus Stream


Premium Stream


Campus & Media Features All the latest web sweetness... No extra cost!

Live Streaming

Stream your services & events in full High Definition as they happen! Offer your viewers the best audio & video quality available. Yep. High quality awesomeness to your audience, guaranteed!

Embeddable Video Streams

Display your stream/channel in an internet campus, by itself, or embed it anywhere you want. We don't restrict your options here. And unlike some other streaming companies, this feature is available for ALL of our packages.

Audio & Video Podcasting

We can handle all your podcasting needs. With our easy to use backend editor you can create a podcast episode and attach an audio file, video file (or both), and notes PDF file. We take care of the rest.

All Media. One Login

Tired of multiple login accounts and passwords? Us too! You can manage everything from one, user-friendly, back-end control panel.

Cross-browser/iOS/Android Compatible

You never have to worry about compatibility issues. Our streams and internet campuses work in all modern browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. No need to purchase or create a separate app.

Responsive Design

We use the latest in HTML5 & CSS3 design to ensure your internet campus looks great on any screen or device.

Ad Free Streaming

You never have to worry about annoying advertisements, watermarks, or "suggested videos" during your event or tagged on at the end.

Multiple Input Options

Want to stream videos directly from a camera, laptop, or tablet? No problem! This really opens the door to unlimited possibilities for you to interact with your audience from anywhere.

Live Chat/Discussion Module

Engage people watching your live streaming events in a live chat stream. Your audience has the ability to interact with administrators and each other. In the case of podcast episodes the discussion module allows users to interact in the way of an ongoing comment feed.

Admin Live Chat Access

Logged in administrators have full control of the chat environment, including the ability to delete unwanted comments and block intrusive chat users.

Live Chat Transcript

Admins have the ability to download and print out the entire chat transcript for a given session.

Live Prayer Module

during a live stream event your audience will have the ability to enter into a private prayer chat between them and logged in administrators only.

Sermon Notes Module

Your audience will have the ability to interact with the sermon via the sermon notes module. They are able to view, edit, download, & print the notes you provide for each event.

Bible Module

We make it easy for your audience to search & view the Bible in their chosen version while never leaving the video feed. They can also easily log into their "Youversion Bible" account and bring their personal info into the Bible Module.

Contact Module

Easily collect information from online audience members who may be interested in attending your local campus or finding out more information about your church and the gospel.

Directions/Map Module

We make it simple for people to find a local campus near them with an interactive map where they can see your location and get directions.

Image Rotator Module

Add images you have promoting upcoming events or a current teaching series. If you have multiple channels or multiple event types, you can assign a different rotator to each.

Online Giving Button

Connect people to your online contributions manager. Simply paste the link in your campus back-end editor and the button appears on your campus page.

Social Buttons Module

Social media is important for spreading the word about what you are doing. We give your audience quick access to sharing your channel/stream with great looking social media buttons.

Countdown Module

A countdown to the next live event is displayed at the top of the main channel/internet campus that disappears when the event begins.

Video On Demand/Archive

Want to rebroadcast your latest or an important service/event multiple times? We've gotcha covered! Just create a recurring event and select that event from your archive.

Multiple Channels

Want multiple live events streaming at on time? Do specific ministries need their own channels? ChurchWebFuel.tv is where it's at. Just create additional channels and give them their own URL.

Outstanding Customer Support

Shoot us an email or give us a call. We're here! Each monthly package gets our full support. You will connect with a team who understands the technology and has a heart for ministry and empowering the local church.

Affordable Pricing

We have great entry-level pricing that allows organizations to get started without a lot of out-of-pocket expense as well as upper level pricing as your audience grows.

Personalized URL

We give you the option to create your own, custom url that is easy for people to remember, provided you have control of that domain name. Otherwise your default url will be yourchurchname.churchwebfuel.tv.

New Features & Upgrades

We are constantly working to improve the look and functionality of our system. You will have access to the latest upgrades and updates from the Church Web Fuel team!

We Do Websites Let us handle your media & give your website an overhaul.

Church Web Fuel is here to give your organization's web presence an octain boost!

We also design and host websites. You can have your website overhauled and updated, and have a live stream online campus for as little as $89/mo.! That's it. We host it all (website, email, podcast, videos, live stream, online campus). No more multiple accounts!

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